Thursday Night Study Centre

Boys Study Centre

Dear Parents, Volunteers & Students

Asalamu ‘Alaykum,

Thursday Night Boys Madrassah will insha’allah resume on regular schedule.


Note: We are looking for male volunteers for teaching Quran to younger students, if yourself or someone you know is interested, please let us know (via reply e-mail). We all already know it very well; how rewarding to teach “The Words of Allah”.

Thursday Boys Madressa
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Girls Study Centre

Timing for Madressa is from 7.45pm to 8.45pm. Parents are reminded to drop, pick their children on time and follow punctuality.
Children to attend all classes, carry their Madressa bags with Quran book and journal.

Please note the following dates:
Jan. 17th. – OPEN
Jan.  24th – OPEN
Jan.  31st –  OPEN
Feb.  7th. –  CLOSED (Wafaat of Sayeda Bibi Fatema a.s. Subject to moon sighting)
Feb. 14th –  OPEN
Feb. 21st –  OPEN
Feb. 28th – OPEN
Mar.  7th  –  OPEN
Mar. 14th -CLOSED for  MARCH BREAK.
Registration is now closed. However, we may accept students on genuine circumstances.
Kindly check Jamaat email announcements or Madressa answering voicemail for updates, changes or cancellations due to severe weather conditions.
Please dial 905 707 1100, press 5 and than 6.
For further information or questions, please contact:
Tahera Datoo –  905 884 0561


For further information or questions, please contact:
Tahera Datoo- 905 884 0561
Kulsum Dewjee- 647 457 7865