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  • Tue Apr 25th 2017 | Rajab 28, 1438

Strategic Planning and Advisory Board



The board appointed by the ISIJ EC will establish a strategic framework that will facilitate planning and development to meet the needs of the community in a proactive manner.

The framework will cover the following areas of planning:

·     Development of premises and facilities

·     Legal Entity and Taxation

·     Financing

·     Government Regulation and Approvals

·     Neighborhood Relations

·     ISIJ Board and EC collaboration

The framework will serve to make decision in the above areas to meet the current and more importantly future needs of the community and its membership.

The board will be served by expertise in the above areas from the community membership and where appropriate consult external expertise.


|Board Members:


Br. Rizwan Khalfan                                       Chairperson

Br. Kurban Manji

Br. Mohammad Muraj

Br. Moez Kamalia