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Masumeen Youth Elections

The election date for the Masumeen Youth for the 2019-2021 term is set for the Wiladat of Imam Ali ar-Ridha on 11th Dhul-Qa’dah 1440 AH (expected to correspond to Sunday 14th July 2019, subject to moonsighting).
This notice is to invite and encourage eligible youth to submit their nominations for the following positions:

1. Chair
2. Vice Chair (Female)
3. Vice Chair (Male)
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Public Relations
7. Elected Member (3 positions)

Important points:

1. Complete the nomination form (available at and email it to [email protected] no later than 9:00pm EDT on Sunday 30th June 2019.
2. You must be a member of ISIJ of Toronto attending the Masumeen Islamic Centre, and between the ages of 16-25, to stand for election. The position of Chair must fulfill the same criteria, except you must be between the ages of 18-25.
3. Youth members of ISIJ of Toronto attending the Masumeen Islamic Centre, between the ages of 12-25, can vote in the Masumeen Youth elections.

Nominees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Masumeen Youth Point of Reference document. To obtain a copy, please email [email protected]

Details of timing and location of the elections will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


Nabeel Jafferali
Secretary, Masumeen Islamic Centre