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High Times: Let’s Talk Marijuana


The Jaffari Health and Wellness Board in collaboration with the Jaffari Education Board, Jaffari Support Services, and Jaffari Islamic Youth held an interactive session to discuss the legalization of marijuana and its implications on September 29, 2018 with Speakers Sukaina Nathoo and Sheikh Jaffer Jaffer. Thanks to all those who attended in-person and online. We hope it was a useful session! Please find the link of the video recording of the event for those who missed it or for reference, summaries of the two speaker’s slides, and answers to the questions raised.

Your Questions ... Answered

As of now it is not yet possible to label CBD Halal – because this is a new, scholars still need time to study it. That being said, because as we know Marijuana is permissible for medical reasons, the strand of marijuana that would be permissible is CBD and not THC.

When updated information is received about CBD and whether we can call it Halal (for non-medical purposes) – we will update this answer.

Allah SWT knows best

Yes if a Doctor prescribes marijuana for medical purposes, it can be used as medicine – and one can choose to use it either through smoking or in food. However the stand of marijuana that would be permissible is with CBD only

Allah SWT knows best

About Us

The Mission of Health and Wellness Board (HWB) is to advance the health and well being of all members of the Jaffari Community Centre (JCC) by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Using the (volunteer) services of the multidisciplinary health care professionals within and outside the community, the HWB will provide community members with the opportunity to receive education from a large network of health care providers and to learn new skills to promote their own health. By providing an opportunity for JCC members to learn and practice healthy living behaviours, they will reach their optimal health status.

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Board Members 2017-18

Chair:Dr. Selina Hirji – Chiropractor – Registered Physiotherapist

Co-Chair:  Dr. Khalil Sivjee – Respirologist – Director Cleveland Clinic


  • Dr. Parviz Suleman – Dentist
  • Sr. Fatim Ajwani – Dietitian
  • Sr. Zaheeda Hamza – Registered Nurse
  • Sr. Rukaiya Alidina-Lakha – Masters Public Health
  • Br. Farhan Ratansi – Reg Kinesiologist/ Chiropractic Student
  • Sr. Sabiha Bhojani – Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
  • Sr. Zameena Jaffer – Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • Br. Syed J A Zaidi – Pharmacy owner