Jaffari Facilities and Management Committee

JCC Parking Regulations for Muharram

Please refer to the slides below for regulations on entering and exiting the Jaffari Community Centre, carpooling and congestion and other general regulations.

Jaffari Community Centre: Side Walk Rehabilitation

During the summer period, after extensive study and vetting process, JFMB in coordination with the EC and DOO made some much needed upgrades to the sidewalks at the Jaffari community Centre. Many areas of the sidewalk had buckled up, or exhibited big cracks and water proofing damage which was causing water leaks to the lower level. It had become a safety issue for the membership and guests, especially during winter periods. All the damaged areas were replaced with new 6 inch reinforced concrete and slopped away from the building. This project was completed in period of two months. Our sincere thank you to DOO/JFMB members  who worked hard to get this done and also the many JCC users who were impacted, and accommodated the Project Team, of any inconveniences caused during the construction period.

Jaffari Community Centre: Energy-Saving LED Lighting Systems

After an extensive study and evaluation of our exterior hydro consumption, Alectra Utility awarded a partial grant to JCC for the replacement of all exterior lighting to LED. JFMB (Jaffari Facilities & Management Board) working in tandem with DOO (Director of Operations), replaced all our exterior electrical fixtures to new energy efficient LED which consumes less than 50% energy of previous halogen-based fixtures. This has lead to a decrease in energy consumption thereby providing cost savings for JCC. The new LED lights have increased the lighting coverage especially around the temporary parking areas thus reducing our dependency on temporary generators. Due to a higher illumination level, the dome looks like an architectural marvel as envisaged by our original design intent thus showcasing Masjide Ghadeer and enhancing Islamic value in the city of Vaughan.

1400 years later, we are still able to maintain the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (Saww) in our Centre by looking at the following historical event of Ghadeer:
The Prophet [s] held up the hand of ‘Ali and said: “For whoever I am his Leader (mawla), ‘Ali is his Leader (mawla).”

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About Us

The Executive Committee of I.S.I.J. Toronto decided to form a Board to manage the facilities and to recommend and implement operating procedures and systems to ensure efficient and smooth operation of functions held at the Jaffari Community Centre.

The JFMB’s mission is to recommend and direct the implementation of operational functions and promote best practices to be executed by the Director of Operations and the Executive Committee of ISIJ.

The goal of the JMFB is to enable the facilities to be managed and utilized in an efficient and fair manner while prioritizing the social and economic benefit of the community.

Board Members 2017-18

Br. Khalil Champsi
Br. Mehbub Manek
Vice Chairman
Br. Zuhair Karim
Secretary/Electrical and Controls
Br. Ali Khalfan
Safety & Security Infrastructure
Br. Mustafa Alidina
Secretary/Safety & Security Infrastructure
Br. Mohamed Raza Huda
Cleaning and General Duties
Br. Mohamedali Rashid
Building Maintenance
Br. Reza Ilkhani
HVAC & Rotary Equipment
Sr. Nabila Alibhai
HVAC & Rotary Equipment
Br. Mehboob Datoo
Cleaning and General Duties
Br. Ali Jawad Jeraj
Building maintenance & Exterior works
Br. Sikander Kara
Building maintenance & Exterior works
Syed Raza Jafri
Building Envelope and Infrastructure maintenance 
Tahir Jaffer
Electrical Installation