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Jaffari Tabligh Board

“If only people were exposed to the beauty of our words and teachings” – Imam Ali Ridha (as)



The Jaffari Tabligh Board’s purpose is to help foster a life-long desire of religious education within the community. In addition, the board is tasked with the aim of promoting the message of Islam to the broader Canadian community while clearing misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. In order for non-Muslims to recognize us easily, the Jaffari Tabligh Board uses the title “The Religious Education and Outreach Committee”.

The Jaffari Tabligh Board is split into two sections – Internal and External, each having its own team and volunteers.

Internal – The internal side focuses on the community and the various demogrpahics within it, each requiring a different method of outreach.

External – The external side focuses on the external community, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

|Board Members


Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi                  Br. Minhal Jivraj

Sheikh Vinay Khetia                                            Sr. Sadika Jeraj

Br. Akil Karim (Chair)                                        Sr. Rumina Hashmani

Sr. Sakina Thawer                                               Br. Asif Hashmani

Br. Ali Jawad Jeraj                                             Sr. Kulsum Dharamshi

Sr. Firozbanu Damani                                       Br. Mohamed Abbas Kassam

Br. Amjad Datoo                                                 Br. Zuher Mohamedali

Sr. Rukaiya Lakha                                              Br. Abbas Lakha

Sr. Zaianb Jeraj                                                  Br. Shahid Juma

Br. Sarfraz Juma

Br. Zulficar Najarali



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