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  • Sat Jan 21st 2017 | Rabi Al Thaani 22, 1438

Jaffari Funeral Services Board

“Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rajioon” – Surely we belong to Allah, and to him we return.



The Jaffari Funeral Board provides all inclusive funeral services with the highest quality and respect. The board was created in 2008 to provide funeral services to the members of the Community.


|In Case of Death


Call Jamaat Office at 905-695-9786 to report the death information. The Jamaat office will inform the Mukhi/Chair of Jaffari Funeral Board (JFB) and a volunteer of JFB will contact you for detailed information, assistance and coordination.

After Jamaat office hours or weekends/holidays please contact the following:

  • Mukhi of Jamaat, Br. Mehboob Siwjee at 1-855-JAFFARI (5233274) OR
  • Chairman of JFB, Br. Raza Jessa at 416-550-4086 or 905-886-8335

For more information on burial arrangements and procedures click here.



|Board Members


Br. Raza Jessa                         Chair                  416-550-4086

Br. Mohamedtaki Sabur      Vice-Chair        647-786-1463





Email: [email protected]