Jaffari Facilities and Management Board






The Executive Committee of I.S.I.J. Toronto decided to form a Board to manage the facilities and to recommend and implement operating procedures and systems to ensure efficient and smooth operation of functions held at the Jaffari Community Centre.

The JFMB’s mission is to recommend and direct the implementation of operational functions and promote best practices to be executed by the Director of Operations and the Executive Committee of ISIJ.

The goal of the JMFB is to enable the facilities to be managed and utilized in an efficient and fair manner while prioritizing the social and economic benefit of the community.


|Board Members:



Br. Khalil Champsi                                  Chairman
Br. Mehbub Manek                                 Vice Chairman
Br. Zuhair Karim                                     Secretary/Electrical and Controls
Br. Ali Khalfan                                        Safety & Security Infrastructure
Br. Mustafa Alidina                                 Secretary/Safety & Security Infrastructure
Br. Mohamed Raza Huda                       Cleaning and General Duties
Br. Mohamedali Rashid                          Building Maintenance
Br. Reza Ilkhani                                      HVAC & Rotary Equipment
Sr. Nabila Alibhai                                   HVAC & Rotary Equipment
Br. Mehboob Datoo                                Cleaning and General Duties
Br. Ali Jawad Jeraj                                 Building maintenance & Exterior works
Br. Sikander Kara                                  Building maintenance & Exterior works





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